Starting a business, large or small, online or offline is a risky venture. You need to ensure that your business plan is bullet proof and will make money no matter what. After all, most likely you’ve invested more than just time and effort on your business. Most likely you’ve also invested a lot of money.

However, there are two ways to start a small business without incurring the large start-up capital costs. So, no matter where you want to work- in the real world, or online, there is a perfect small business idea for you.

1. In the Real World: A fun, fast and nearly free business venture in the real world is a delivery service. If you have a car and you have the time, then a delivery service might be the perfect business move for you.

Offer to pick up food, laundry, alcohol, people, etc from various places in your community. Charge a delivery service fee of course. You can also most likely get a discount from the vendors if you advertise their place of business on your delivery vehicle.

This is a great small business venture that has limitless possibilities. All you need to pay for is advertisements for your company and fuel and you’re in business!

2. In Cyber Space: A Membership Site is your best bet online. Membership sites are sites where members pay month by month. Similar to a magazine subscription, the best thing about a membership site is that you are the boss, the editor-in-chief.

Membership sites are easy to maintain and fun to run. Furthermore, you can get a site live with hardly any start-up fee. Simply invest in a membership site guide and you’re ready to go!

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