If you want to start up a home business and are looking for ideas then consider the following:

  • Become an administration assistant and help people with office type skills such as letter typing, resumes, book keeping, filing and other secretarial duties.
  • If you love arts and crafts and have a hobby then perhaps you could turn your hobby into a business. You can sell your goods to art and craft shops, at a market stall or over the internet.
  • If you have any experience with accounts then you could consider helping people fill in their tax returns.
  • Repair and maintenance around homes and properties. You could offer your services to real estate agents as well as home owners who need someone to fix things around their property.
  • Become a tutor. If you have any expertise in a certain area such as a sport, a musical instrument or a subject then you could advertise your services locally in newspapers and letterbox flyers. If your subject is suitable then you could even contact local schools and let them know about your services.
  • If you know about computers then you could provide a set up service and maybe even training.
  • Become a party planner and assist in planning events such as birthday parties, engagements, and christenings or even go into the corporate field and offer event planning services to businesses.
  • Offer web design services and build websites.
  • If you love gardening then you could grow herbs and vegetables. Places to sell them would be to local restaurants, market stalls. Or you could offer gardening services such as weeding, lawn mowing, and pruning and if you have experience then perhaps even garden design.
  • Dog walking and pet sitting is a good field for animal lovers. You look after pets while their owners are away by feeding them and checking on them as required. You could also offer dog walking as a separate service.
  • Pet grooming is another animal related business idea. This involves washing, trimming and clipping pets. You may need to do some training for this one if you aren’t familiar with the procedures.
  • Help people set up their new home entertainment such hooking up their surround sound system and speakers to their television and DVD. You could also get into the field of installing built in sound systems that work throughout the home.
  • Hairdressers or make up and beauty artists can consider starting up a mobile business and offering their services to customers in their own homes. I know of one hairdresser who does this and gets a lot of business from stay at home moms who find it a convenient way to have their kids hair cut without the fuss of having to get them to the hairdressers.
  • Become a wedding planner and help couples plan the day of their dreams.
  • Other ways to come up with a business idea is to think of something that most people dislike doing themselves and would hire somebody else to do it for them.

Christine Kelly has been working from home for nearly 8 years. She is sharing her knowledge to help others to work from home. Her latest website www.wirelesskeyboardsandmouse.com is a guide to choosing and buying wireless keyboards. The right keyboard can be a great asset for your home office.

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