What is government grant money? government grant money is money the government gives out every year to businesses, individuals, not for profit organizations, and just about anyone else willing to take the time to do some researching. Many college age students use a PELL grant, to help pay for things like supplies, books and everyday living expenses. They never have to be paid back, so you don’t have to worry about paying back a loan, what penalties and interest rates, etc. can be incurred.

What can you get a grant for? All kinds of different things. Just like some of the commercials on television, you can get a grant for just about anything you can come up with. Colleges and Universities use government grant money all the time to fund a multitude of projects and researching. Many of our important breakthroughs in science and technology have come about from grants.

What does this mean for you? For people looking for the start up capitol to start a business, this is an ideal source of funding, because with government grant money, you never have to worry about paying it back. You can use the money for whatever reason you need it for, purchasing buildings, or equipment. Starting the back accounts and payroll. Hiring employees and getting them paid. You can use it to pay for certifications, licenses, insurance, and upgrade existing equipment you may already have.

You can use government grant money to do a wide assortment of improvements at and in the home as well. There are many programs available to help upgrade weather stripping, furnaces, air conditioning systems just to name a few. If you are thinking about building a home, and let’s say you want to live off the grid. You could apply and get a grant to buy the land, purchase all the building materials, even if you are going to use recycled products. The money can be used to pay for solar power, wind, hydroelectric, and all sorts of renewable energy sources. Again, the options are almost limitless.

Government grant money can and does help communities all over the country. From start up funding for a community park to helping pay to restock libraries and everything in between. People have used government grant money to refurbish old suburban lots and turn them into community gardens, improving neighborhoods all around.

Now, just so you know you can’t just write to the government and say, “hey I need some money” and they will give it to you. Seeking government grant money is a process, and there are guidelines, restrictions, and deadlines by which you can apply. If you are a business seeking start up money, you would have to present a comprehensive plan, outlying what the money is going to be used for, what kinds of goods and services you are providing etc. You may also have to include that you are going to hire people in the local area to work for you, why your business will make improvements to your neighborhood and things like that. But even at that, such an investment of time and effort into your future can pay off for you big time.

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