You are new to internet marketing and you need some advice on how to start. You are not alone, and here are some home business ideas for beginners to the big, big, world of internet marketing.

The fact that you are new to this business does not necessarily imply that you do not have a product. In fact most people who enter into internet marketing with their eyes open either have a product to sell or an idea for one. However, let’s assume that you have none and are looking for a quick entry into this fascinating industry. What are the possibilities?

In order to make the most of internet marketing you need your own product. While you are working on it, you can make money selling other people’s products. There is more than one way to do this. The first is affiliate marketing whereby you sell another person’s product for a commission. Although you can sell hard goods and soft electronically delivered goods, the best commission deals are with the electronically deliverable goods such as software and ebooks. You can sell the same product time and time again, whereas with hard goods there are material and delivery costs involved with every item.

Typical commissions for hard goods are 5% – 10%, whereas those for electronic goods such as software or ebooks are around 50%. That’s right. You typically earn 50% for every ebook you sell. That is why affiliate marketing is a technique of choice by many internet marketers who have no intention of producing their own product other than an ebook relating to others how they did it.

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