Who doesn’t want to feel beautiful and relaxed all the time? These timeless desperate human needs led the way to so many great business ideas around the globe. As one famous business guru once mentioned, target a starving crowd and you’ll never be hungry again. Here are some products and services that you may want to explore:

Day Spa Business

Starting a day spa business is a great choice for a new business venture considering everybody leads such busy and stress-filled life these days. Running a day spa requires substantial initial investment but the profit potential is also very rewarding. Just like any retail store, the most important factors are location, location and location. Offering day spa clients with a wide array of services such as seaweed wraps, aromatherapy massage options and manicures is guaranteed to make your business a top destination for existing and new clients.

Be a Makeup Artist

This could be the business for someone how has a way with makeup or the ability to create wonders with powders, lipsticks and shadows that will transform ordinary Cinderellas into beautiful princesses. The advantages to this business are that you can start part-time and on a shoestring, and you get the rewards of helping people feel good about themselves.

In some states, you need a cosmetology license to work on clients’ skin, so be sure to check with your state board of cosmetology. Other than that, all you need is makeup, brushes and sponges, and your own innate talents.

Personal Shopping Services

This small business is a greatly way to enjoy shopping and earn money at the same time. Basically, you’ll provide assistance to people who hate to shop, too busy to shop or no idea whatsoever about the latest fashion trends today. Many busy and well-heeled people use personal shoppers to pick gifts for any number of special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

Image Consultancy

Remember that famous TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? That’s what an image consultant is all about. You main responsibility is to give clients beauty makeovers to achieve their personal objectives like getting better jobs, finding a romantic partner, standing out at their weddings or as simple as feeling better about themselves. What makes image consulting business great is that you can operate at home, low cost to start up, ultra creative and satisfying since you’re helping other people as well.

Hair Removal Service

There are so many women and men are desperate to get to rid of their unwanted body and facial hair. You can be that guy or gal that will save the day with your hair removal service. It’s a profitable venture provided that you or a staff member are well-trained and certified to carry out hair removal procedure. The easiest and least expensive way to get the service rolling is to form a joint venture with an established business, such as a hair salon or day spa.

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