There was a day when I used to anxiously search for the creative heads behind the intellectual taglines written on newspaper ads. Now, when I see a print ad, I dont invest a lot of time looking at the picture, words or advertising agency name. The reason for this change is not because print ads are no more attractive, but I get to see more imaginative advertisements backed by technological extrapolations, online. My life looks simple, but advanced.

Advertising was first established and developed in print format in the form of banners, cut-outs, brochures, newspapers etc. Radio followed the trend along with Television. Internet gained its impetus in India in the mid 90s and since then, efforts were made to propagate and establish the advertising root in the World Wide Web. The beginning of online advertising dates back to 1994, when Netscape Navigator 1.0 was released and the first ever banner advertisements were sold. However, India took time to accept the medium of online advertising.

As days went by, India, specifically the urban market, gained momentum to be at par with its technologically advanced counterparts. Slowly, the internet started penetrating to the bottom of the pyramid as well. Since then, a range of online advertising methods emerged- banner ads, content based ads on search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN etc., social networking ads, classified ads, email ads and more.

This was the time Google came up with its free search engine which was widely accepted and acknowledged. People began to search more and click more. Advertisers started creating websites and promoted their products and services online. Thus, when you search on new mobile models in India on Google, you get to see millions of website. For example, if you check out the Mobile Phones section of youll find the latest mobile phones available in the market. Choices are many and they are free. You can also go back to the website later when you make up your mind to buy a mobile. Online advertising started clicking!

Googles paid advertising formula in the name of AdWords and AdSense also worked well. Competitors like Microsoft and Yahoo tried (and still trying) their hands in the same field, but not yet successful to come up with a strategy that surpasses Googles. Overall, Internet advertising market in India is worth Rs 215 crores as per Lintas media report issued recently.

IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) reported that size of the online display advertising market reached Rs.3250 Million for the financial year 2008-09 registering a significant growth rate of 38% and is expected to surge at Rs. 4300 Million for the financial year 2010. The Indian Government also made some significant efforts to accentuate and support the growth of online advertising. The improvisation done in the Government websites, different departments like banking, transportation, tourism etc. clearly shows this positive trend.

The declining interest in other forms of advertising and the new found interest in online advertising are showing positive trends. The online supremacy is bound to grow in the days to come and India may witness a gradual decline of print and audio advertising.

–Author is Archana Menon, Executive at Infolona (

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