Wordpress is a CMS, or Content Management System, that is easy and fast to customize. There has been a sort of myth, believed by online marketers, that Wordpress is only for non-commercial blogging, etc. That’s really no longer believed by many because Wordpress has more than proven itself as a worthy component of any IM business. You can take the basic Wordpress blog and add whatever amount of customization you desire. Through widgets and plug-ins you can fully customize your site to be whatever you want it to be. Wordpress has many uses other than merely ‘blogging.’ And now, we’ll talk about just a few highly useful Wordpress plugins that IM marketes like to use.

Profit Instruments bonus No IM marketer, or blog owner for that matter, should be without the FD Feedburner plugin. So just imagine that you can have the benefits of Feedburner because this plugin makes your blog feed into a feed for Feedburner. In case you don’t know, RSS means Really Simple Syndication, and visitors can subscribe to your feed so they always have to visit your blog. With RSS your readers will be alerted whenever you update your site. The convenience factor is there’s no need to go online and manually check blogs/sites for new information. The Feedburner Plug-in is good because Feedburner feeds are accessible by just about every feed reader on the internet.

If you want to get organic rankings, then you need the All in One SEO Pack plugin. This plugin is a huge time-saver because it will do all the code-work for you, you just fill out a few quick fields and that’s it. This plug-in will help you optimize everything from your headers to your tags to your posts. It also helps keep the search engine bots for dinging you for duplicate content.

All you have to do is select the noindex setting for different pages of your site. All online marketers realize the importance of SEO for their success. Profit Instruments review

The Landing Sites plug in is especially helpful for keeping traffic on your site. Usually, when a visitor arrives (if they don’t immediately leave) they’ll take a quick look and check out a few links. With the Landing Sites plug in, your landing page will give your site visitors links to related content on other parts of your site. It keeps them interested and clicking through your site.

Each time they click to another page is a new opportunity to develop some liking for your site. Every internet marketer wants people to read their site, and then hopefully a sale or an optin will be made. Wordpress is a fantastic and versatile content management system. And what is even more incredible is that it’s all free. So go ahead and do all the customization you want, you’ll never have to pay for it. You can add or change themes, code tweeks, add any plugins, etc. It’s great because you really don’t need any experience or to be a programmer, etc.

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