Solar Business Opportunities Business Overview:

With everyone trying to live a little greener these days, there’s no better time to investigate lucrative and rewarding solar business opportunities. Though there are several environmentally friendly or “green” viable business ideas, you might first consider the solar power business opportunities that are ready to be tapped into. Starting a solar business requires a bit of planning and training, and you need some startup capital ready to invest. However, with a clear solar energy business plan in place you can find yourself in a profitable enterprise that will be strongly supported by many government programs. So here’s how this particular solar business works: The first thing you will need to do is become educated in solar energy (and energy in general) and all the myriad ways it works as a renewable energy source. You will then want to align your business with one of the parent solar companies who lease solar panels for residential use. Then it’s up to you to connect with homeowners and small business owners who are interested in renting the equipment that will enable them to tap into solar power. It’s likely they will have questions and concerns, and it will be up to you to answer them and provide ongoing customer service to your clients. Your teamwork with the parent company enables you to hone your skills as an expert on solar energy without having to own expensive solar equipment and without having to know how to install it yourself. You still turn profits with each one of your clients, and the relationships can continue for many years to come.

A Day in the Life of a Solar Energy Business Owner:

This article brought to you by Business Ideas! If you enjoyed this article, make sure to subscribe to the Business Ideas Newsletter to get ideas sent straight to your email inbox.The primary focus of your days in this business will be your customers—existing and potential. Much of your success will come with stellar customer service, so fielding customer calls and emails in a timely fashion and with utmost professionalism will be crucial to your business. Additionally, recruiting new clients via advertising, word-of-mouth, and green campaigns will help your business thrive. Finally, your own education—and those of your employees—will serve you well in this business. Knowing your industry inside and out, and keeping up with all the news in solar energy and renewable sources (as well as government incentives and programs) will benefit your customers and ultimately your business.

About Your Customers:

Your customers will be those home and small business owners who are interested in investing in the environment and in renewable energy sources. Perhaps they’re interested in the long-term potential to save money on power bills, or they want to cash in on some government incentive programs for those who invest in solar power alternatives. They will likely be savvy enough to realize the potential of what your company has to offer, but they will want a highly trained and knowledgeable salesperson to assist them in their decision to switch to renewable energy.

What You Need to Start:

  • Training in the field of energy and solar resources, as well as in government incentive programs and grants
  • Association with a solar provider
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • A home-office

The Good:

  • You can feel good about starting a green business.
  • The business is scalable to fit your needs.
  • Your business could be subsidized by government programs or grants.
  • The industry is poised to continue growing as solar energy becomes more mainstream.

The Bad:

  • You will have to invest in your training and home office setup before you begin.
  • You might have to work hard for your first customers, who might be slow to sign up for this emerging energy alternative.


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