Open a Vegan Restaurant Business Overview:

Here’s a green business idea that can feed you well, pad your wallet, and protect the environment all at once: Open a vegan restaurant. The opportunities for a business idea like this are truly endless—you can decide the ambiance, the location, the menu, and the level of eco-friendly resources you use to sustain your restaurant. You don’t even have to be a chef or foodie to make this business work for you, but you should be committed to the philosophy behind it. A vegan restaurant offers its customers food and drink (and perhaps even decor) that contains and uses no animal products or by-products. As a result, the menu is often naturally eco-friendly and customers will be drawn to the animal- and earth-conscious business code. As an entrepreneur you will want to understand the key reasons you might choose a vegan restaurant over another business venture. For one thing, conscious eating has reached new levels as people are keenly aware of the proven connection between bodily health and their diets. Never before has leaving meat off the menu been so attractive—or so lucrative. Knowing that by choosing a vegan restaurant your customers are feeding their bodies well and helping to prevent disease might be enough to keep your tables full and your reservations booked solid. Add to that the idea that you are serving food that sustains our environment and you will add “environmentalists” to your customer base. The truth is that animals raised for consumption take a great toll on our environmental resources (water, land, waste, transportation, etc.). The statistics prove it, and you can use these facts to market your meat-free menu. You will also have easy customers like those animal lovers who have chosen not to eat living beings. A vegan restaurant gives animal advocates a place to eat where they don’t have to pick apart the menu to find a suitable option. But that’s gravy, here’s how to really find success: Beyond your built-in customers, you can guarantee the triumph of your vegan restaurant by having a top-notch chef prepare the myriad vegan dishes that have become more and more mainstream. Delicious meat-alternatives like tofu, tempeh, and seitan make it easy for chefs to prepare five-star meals that will make a diehard carnivore happy. With a cool location, a hip ambience, and a menu that makes the Zagat grade, your vegan restaurant business can keep you rolling in eco-friendly, animal-free “dough” for years to come.

A Day in the Life of a Vegan Restaurant Business Owner:

This article brought to you by Business Ideas! If you enjoyed this article, make sure to subscribe to the Business Ideas Newsletter to get ideas sent straight to your email inbox.As the owner of a vegan restaurant, the responsibility of knowing where each and every one of your menu items comes from and being able to vouch for its vegan label will fall on your shoulders. You will want to be able to guarantee your food sources in order to ensure your menu and business philosophy remains untainted because some of your customers will likely be passionate vegans who firmly believe in the vegan way of life. You will also want to work with your chef directly to ensure the quality of your menu. Ordering from vendors, maintaining the building, and ensuring all of your employees understand the philosophy of the restaurant will be tasks you’ll need to attend to often. Of course, keeping track of your finances will be key to your ultimate success as a business owner as well.

About Your Customers:

Your customers will range from zealous vegans who are excited to have a new restaurant in town to curious eaters who are willing to try a something new. No matter the type, every customer will expect a sparkling clean restaurant with professional servers and an interesting menu. And every customer will want to leave satiated and feeling good about their food choices.

What You Need to Start:

  • A restaurant location and name
  • A business license, food permit, and insurance
  • A staff
  • A chef experienced in vegan food preparation
  • Vegan food suppliers
  • Financial-tracking software

The Good:

  • If you are vegan yourself or if you understand the passion behind the philosophy, this is a business idea about which you can feel proud.
  • As a small business owner, you will be employing many locals at your restaurant, thereby building the local economy.
  • You can find fame and success in a business like this.
  • You might decide to open another restaurant.

The Bad:

  • Opening a restaurant requires a good deal of money and effort upfront.
  • A solid business plan is a must; too many restaurants fail when there is not a clear direction for the business in place.


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