Having learned how the prostate gland works it might enable you to have an idea on the conditions that might bring problems to Prostate Health. There are however three problems that affects it;

Prostatitis. This is very chronic and acute disease that results from gonorrhea and other sexual infections. It can however be treated by use of recommended antibiotics.
Prostatic Hypertrophy. This is enlargement of prostate which is a common problem to men over the age of 50 years. The slow growth prostate problem has affected about 80%. Even though it progresses slowly you may find difficulties in urinating since it delays to start and to finish it. There is also a prostate that grows in high rate is 20%. Presence of blood in the urine however suggested the presence of cancer in the prostate and two surgical treatments can be recommended. Transurethral resection which is done via the urethra is the first one and the second stage is suprapubic which is done through the abdominal wall but it neither does nor cause weakness of the glands. The prostate electrical examination can be performed with a tube passing the prostatic area. However some men take risks of having bladder infection by choosing repeated catheterization procedure rather than having surgery. Having a surgery to remove the prostate cancer can actually gives one hope of prolonging life of the glands.
Prostatism. Prostatic symptoms are the ones that are founding this condition. It obstructs urination without even enlarging the prostate and it has about seven causes located elsewhere in the body. these causes include: urethra stricture
Bladder irritation due to stone in the bladder.
obstruction caused by enlarged lobe in the bladder
enlarged seminalis collicus which is near the deep urethra
the prostate and ejaculation duct
back pressure on the seminal vesicles and reservoirs that narrows ejaculatory ducts
Obstruction of urine flow causing distention of the pelvis of the kidney.

Sexual neurasthenia is caused by frequent masturbation before completion of sexual intercourse. This is caused by congestion of colliculus seminalis and medication is given according to the causes of the disease.

After learning this entire prostate health problem, it is now up to you to take charge of your health and take care of your postage glands and always keep it safe and healthy.

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