Business Proposal is a means through which marketers aim at forging business with their prospective clients. The main purpose of writing a proposal is to address the requirements of the client and offer a lucrative plan for him by initiating business with the marketer. An entrepreneur should be able to convince the client to choose his company among others. There are different methods to write an offer letter for different kind of business. However, every type of offer letter has a few basic points and this helps in creating an effective proposal.

In the world of business, there are two kinds of offer letter. One is solicited and the other is unsolicited. A solicited offer letter is mainly written by small enterprises to begin a business with their prospective clients. An unsolicited letter is written largely by big private organizations or government enterprises for proposing projects to an eligible party. These offers are an open bid in the market to obtain response from interested and eligible parties or clients.

In the beginning of an offer letter, an entrepreneur can give a brief introduction to the client delineating the main reason of writing business proposal. This gives a clear idea of the main points discussed. A marketer should give a brief introduction of the enterprise. A person can also mention the credentials and certification of the industry. This gives a credible and reliable image of the company. You can then lay stress on the service rendered by your company. Present work samples or past projects to convince the customer of your expertise. Present the unique features and benefits of your products and services. You should use appropriate jargons which can be easily understood by the target audience. All these points can help you in preparing an effective proposal.

An entrepreneur has to accentuate on the unique features of the goods and services. You also need to highlight on the brand recognition of the organization. This is done to establish a credible and reliable image of the company in the mind of the prospective client. Another main point to cover is the fulfillment of the requirements of the customers through your offer. You should highlight a persuasive reason to the client to forge a business relationship with your company.

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